Grooming available Monday-Friday

Regular and frequent grooming is very important to the health of your pet. It allows our groomer to inspect your dog’s body to detect any problem areas.

Our grooming salon consists of aesthetically pleasing, top-of-the-line bathing stations and dryers for all your grooming needs. We offer a wide range of services to meet the needs of both pets in boarding and outside clientele.

Full Service Grooming: By appointment only. Our professional groomer is happy to bathe, cut, or trim, dry and brush your dog. Full service grooms also include a nail trim and ear cleaning. If your dog needs a bath using prescription shampoo we’d be happy to use it for you. We are familiar with all breed cuts whether to keep in show shape or your dog’s lifestyle.

De-matting: The removal of deep mats will be at the discretion of the groomer so as not to cause any kind of pain. You may be asked to consider a “summer cut” instead. The hair will grow back and can be brushed regularly with a fresh start.

There are various grooming services available for your pet. Please the side menu for the different packages.

Please call today for your next appointment!

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