Most of us don’t have time to give our dogs the exercise and attention they need. To meet today’s needs, daycare is the answer. Exercise is the first part of your dog’s formula for happiness. A tired dog is a good dog.

Daycare is a great way to keep you and your dog happy; no more concerns about what is going on at home when you can’t be there. Dogs are social animals and like to move around in packs. Daycare is a great way to improve socialization and exercise your dog at the same time in our 2,400 square foot play area. Your pet should be pleasantly exhausted after daycare and look forward to coming back to be with new friends they meet in all shapes and sizes.

All daycares are not alike! When choosing daycare, we suggest you ask a few important questions: How does your dog react when entering the facility? Is there room for your dog to break into a run, or are they overcrowded? Finally, is the ratio of dogs to staff on the floor enough?

Before daycare begins, personal evaluations are given to each dog prior to their first visit. The purpose of this is to group your pet with appropriate play pals. Dogs are grouped for temperament and activity level, not just their size.

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